Why An NGO Should Own A Website

In a previous article, I had written on how to get a website, in this article, I’ll be majoring on Non government, non profit organizations (NGO’s), why they need a website, the immediate advatanges, how to take optimal advantage of a website if you already have one.

Communication is THE most important tool in promoting the cause(s) represented by any civil society organization(CSO), the internet is the fastest growing means of communication. 

The power of the Internet as a means of communication which has now becomes an integrated part of our society can be largely harnessed by an NGO which has a website.

The ability to spread your ideas, tell the how you do what you do, why you do it, where you’re doing it, why you need assistance in doing it is key to the survival of any CSO and a website provides you with that opportunity to a limitless audience, unhindered by distance and time, a websites have become one of the most effective means of communication.

NGOs and CSOs should take advantage of this modern and effective means of communication.

Here’s a list of benefits of a website to NGOs and CSOs

A website is an avenue to create awareness about your organization, its mission, vision beliefs and efforts

A website is a Billboard without the limitation of location and space where you could tell anyone with Internet access whatever you please

A website would provide your organization the avenue to showcase what it has done, what it is currently doing, this could go a long way to help get new grants

A website would provide the world with your contact information, the fastest means of research now is the Internet, but organizations without websites would not benefit really from such research. Say a donor organization was looking for NGOs in your geographical area that do what you do, how would they find you?

A website could serve as a proof of legitimacy and functionality in some scenarios

A website would increase public respect and trust for your organization

A website would provide your organization with reliable custom email address, unlike yahoo and gmail, your email address would be yourname@yourorganization.org

A website is also deemed to be an environmentally friendly way of carrying out a campaign as it reduces waste, could reduce travel, reduce postage. So, if you are a socially and environmentally conscious organization, it becomes unimaginable to think that you can continue to do your operations without owning a website!

Take advantage of this medium now and get a website, you could contact me to either build one for your organization or for further information

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