How To Get A Website

Nigerian Website Designer: Getting a website is quite easy, only 4 steps are required, too many people are scared of the whole concept because they think its cumbersome expensive and stressful. Here are the four(4) basic steps required (from my perspective) in getting a website. here’s How to get a website

1. Discover why you need a website and what you want your website to do for you

Over the years working with clients, one scenario keeps repeating itself, some clients have no clue of what they want! This could be a problem for both the website developer/designer and the client (project owner). From the client perspective, he knows the internet brings exposure and he wants the benefits of that exposure and that’s all he knows, this state of mind can sometimes lead to insatiable clients, they may never be satisfied no matter what they get!
From the designer/developer point of view, this can bring confusion, when you don’t know what your client wants how can you deliver it? Experienced designers/developers know how to solve most of such cases (some can never be solved, trust me!)

2. Find a Website designer/developer

It is important you do this first before jumping to the last two steps, I’ve met clients who did this last and till today, they’re regretting their actions. Meeting a web designer/developer first can save you a lot of stress and money, the developer would help to guide you decipher what you really need for your company/ business/ church as the case may be. The designer/developer would also give you options as regards hosting and web technologies to be used, giving you the downside and upside for each option for you to make a choice. This step alone would shape the entire process, it would help you get an estimate of the total cost, information required and the roles you need to play in the whole process. click here to contact me to help you

3. Pick a domain Name

The importance of this is gross and should never be done without the advice of your selected web designer/developer, its implication includes SEO, uniqueness and many more.
The client (to be site owner) must understand the following things about domain names;

  • Domain names are paid for annually forever!
  • They are your trademark (there can be only one, it belongs to yahoo)
  • Changing domains like hair styles and shoes is lame and would cause serious confusion for the client’s(to be site owner) clients(site owner’s clients), if I used to find your site at , I expect to find it there everytime I go to that address.
  • Domain name extensions have meanings: .com –commercial, .org organization etc (I advice Nigerians to take advantage of the .ng extensions)

4. Get hosting for your website

It is important your web developer/designer help you decide this, two main reasons for this are stated below:

  • The payment problem
    I’ve met clients who believed anything foreign was the best, they eventually paid for foreign hosting of which renewal became a problem and the unsteady nature of the forex market meant they couldn’t exactly tell the cost of their hosting monthly/annually as the case may be. In truth Nigerian webhosting companies don’t host sites in servers based in Nigeria since we do not have reliable power supply and quality/cheap internet services to power servers, they buy the right to use/control oversea servers and control it from Nigeria, and this makes it easier for prospective site owners since they can now pay for hosting in naira and in our local banks.
  • The technology problem
    I’ve also had a client once who after agreeing with me what technology and cms, went ahead to buy windows hosting for a linux project, this made things very complex for me and the project was quite unstable until she realized and accepted the blunder and decided to buy the appropriate hosting with my guidance, but she had already wasted over $300 for the wrong hosting.

Note: payment for hosting like the domain name is recurrent of which can be monthly, annual, bi-annual payment as the case may be!

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