3 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Browser

1. Security:
This is a continuous problem with the Internet, it will never go away, such that as long as the web exists, there would always be a need for improved security. New threats come to light every day and as a day to day web user, you may not be able to keep track of all these security loopholes as an individual, but your browser vendor does! When new threats are discovered, patches/updates or even a new version of your browser is released to curtail the new threat.

2. Stability:
Every day, the web evolves, every second, there are new websites that come online, new discoveries are made in this regard and these could make older browsers crash, even security threats can bring instability to the user experience online, you could experience browser crashes regularly as a result of a security breach or because your browser may not be capable of rendering what you where opening. To enjoy stability of your browsing experience, it is advised you update your browser.

3. Better Experience:
As technology evolves, so does design, and the evolution of these phenomenons affect the evolution of browsers greatly, over time, web browsers have evolved to looking nicer and slicker. This evolution includes the browser logo, interface and speed. Newer browsers have been known to be faster and slicker than their older counterpart.

With the advent of modern trends like CSS3 and HTML5, web users with older browsers will definitely not enjoy the best of the web, there’s also the possibility you may loose your password, credit card information and other private data to hackers, Please Update Your Browser!

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