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Over the years, I’ve been asked this same question over and over again, how do I decide which web designer to hire/employ? I’ve given several answers to this question both to prospective clients, organizations looking to hire a full-time web designer staff and other web workers.

The web design Nigeria market is quite crowded, with about 80% of the available options lacking the required skill and character set.

“I believe that any decision to do business with a service provider should be guided by the capacity and character of such a service provider.”

Your prospective web designer should possess the following skills and characteristics

  • The ability to write code – Too many upcoming web designers these days are lazy, they never learnt to write code, even if they did, they’re not good at it and as such they can’t produce uniquely genuine designs, the copy works from other designers and sometimes even use templates designed by other designers, this category of designers mostly produce poor jobs and they charge pretty cheap too!
  • Experience– While I believe fresh designers should be given a chance to show what they’re capable of doing, I would not want a web designer learning on the Job on my project, a web designer performing experiments with my project. I believe designs with experience, with a portfolio of past jobs should be top choice in your choice process. You could easily evaluate a web designer’s design capacity from his past projects.
  • Business Oriented– Find a web designer that is interested in making his work achieve your business objectives, provide lead generation, increase sales and return of investment (ROI).

Here’s how I can help you

You could hire me! – Over the years, I’ve acquired the skill and character set required as stated above for web design projects, I would offer reliable business partnership

Free Consultation- I can also provide you with free consultation if you want.

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